Helix Packing Ring

Helix Packing Ring
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Helix Packing Ring

Helix Packing Ring is a very unique shaped random packing suitable for heavy liquids and gas flows.

This high-performance random packing offers an extra-large surface area that delivers lower pressure drops, low weights and high contacting efficiency.

Helix Packing Ring has a high void ratio, low pressure drops, low mass-transfer unit height, high flooding point, uniform gas-liquid contact, and high efficiency of mass transfer.

Size Surface Area
Pcs. Per
50 mm 107 8000 94
76 mm 75 3420 95
100 mm 55 1850 96
Helix Packing Ring
Helix Packing Ring

Application And Benifits

  • Helix Packing Ring is mainly used in volatile gas stripping, water degasifying and scrubbing atmospheric pollutants from waste gas.
  • They are also used in Gas Absorption, Acidic gas desorption system, Washing, Fertilizer Production.
  • Due to its unique shape, it provides high flooding and minimizes pressure drop while retaining a large surface area to maximize gas-liquid contact.
  • Helix is designed in a way that is very easy to install without risking damage to the tower.
  • It is also very convenient for cleaning, reducing downtime when maintenance is required.
Material Of Construction
  • PP : Polypropylene
  • PP-LTHA : Polypropylene - Long Term Heat Aging
  • GFPP : Glass Reinforced Polypropylene
  • PVDF : Polyvinylidene Fluoride
  • PVC : Polyvinyl Chloride
  • HDPE : High Density Poly Ethylene
  • CPVC : Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride
  • PFA : Perfluoroalkoxy
  • FEP : Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene
  • ETFE : Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene
  • ECTFE : Ethylene Chlorotrifluoroethylele
  • PPS : Polyphenylene Sulfide

Note: Other Materials are available on request.