Borosilicate Glass Raschig Ring

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Borosilicate Glass Raschig Ring

Due to their low bulk densities, Borosilicate Glass Raschig Rings are particularly suitable for packing glass columns.

Suitable for Bromine Applications and Pharmaceutical Plants.

Generally, the ratio of Column diameter to packing diameter should not be less than 8:1.

When using smaller packing sizes, a small layer of larger packing should be used on the packing support, to prevent the smaller packing from falling through.

In vacuum applications and applications involving high vapor velocities packing may be lifted and may damage other parts. To prevent this a packing retainer (PTFE perforated plates) should be used above the packed section.

Size Bulk Density
Surface Area
8 mm 0.66 633 Borosilicate
10 mm 0.52 487 Borosilicate
12 mm 0.48 425 Borosilicate
15 mm 0.43 330 Borosilicate
20 mm 0.33 300 Borosilicate
25 mm 0.28 240 Borosilicate
30 mm 0.27 180 Borosilicate
40 mm 0.22 160 Borosilicate
50 mm 0.19 120 Borosilicate